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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions & Answers:

Can the Polylon robe be damaged? Is it durable? Some of the original Polylon robes that we made in 1973 are still being used today. At the peak of baptisms in our church, we were baptizing over 400 people each year. We warn churches not to dry clean the robes, wash the robes in hot water, or dry the robes in commercial dryer. Simply wash the robes in cool water and allow them to drip dry or dry on cool cycle in home dryer. For those who follow our instructions, the robes should last for years.

What makes the Polylon robe so modest? The nylon combines with a special backing to give the robe modesty. The culotte design will not float up. Some churches use their robes for baptisms in the open where converts walk in view of everyone to and from the pool.

Are the Polylon robes easy to use? The one-piece design allows converts to remove his or her clothing, step into the robe, zip it up and enter the baptistry in seconds. Afterwards, they come back to the dressing booth, slip off the robe, hang it on a hanger, dry off and get back into their clothes in a couple of minutes.

What makes the Polylon robe so convenient for those who clean up after baptisms? The nylon with the special backing simply sheds water...it can not absorb water. Water simply beads up and rolls off into the pool. Very little water is carried out of the pool. Compare this to the cotton garments (weighted, heavy, water-absorbing) which carry a lot of messy, damaging water out of the pool.

How can I care for my Polylon robes to make them last for years? ABOVE ALL...AVOID HEAT! Do not dry clean. Do not dry in a home or commercial dryer. Heat can age the nylon and separate it from the special backing. Avoid any bleach. Wash in cool water with delicate agitation and drip dry for best results. If heavy chlorine is used in the pool, always wash the robes after us.

;Does the Polylon robe cling? Most robes pull down with a powerful suction and produce an embarrassing cling when immersed. Polylon robes, because of the backing, eliminate most cling even when wet.

Will the Polylon robe float? The culotte design gives the appearance of a robe, but with the culotte modesty of not floating up.

;Is the Polylon robe water repellent? Nylon combined with our special backing can not absorb water. Water on the Polylon robe beads up like a duck's back, and most drops back into the pool as the convert exits. This is totally different from the absorbent, heavy cotton.

Are the Polylon robes available in any additional colors? Yes, Polylon offers a variety of unique colors, but these must be special ordered-please call 800-945-9736 for information.

What sizes of Polylon robes should I purchase? Always remember to purchase a slightly larger size...(a child can wear a teen or small adult robe, but not vice versa). Estimated weight and sizes are listed on the order page.

Can I try a Polylon robe with no risk to see if it is all that you say? Many churches first order a trial robe. There is a 30-day no risk guarantee on the trial robe. Use it! Get it wet! You'll be amazed at the convenience and modesty. Join over 20,000 other churches who in the last 26 years have wondered how they survived without the Polylon robe! It will especially delight those who clean up after the baptismal services. For more information about our trial robe offer please call 800-945-9736.

Can you tell me about the Polylon Minister's Jacket? The Polylon minister's jacket is designed to be the ulitmate in convenience. Just slip off your coat and shoes, put on a pair of chest high waders, leaving your shirt and tie on, slip on the jacket...in a minute you are ready to enter the baptismal pool

Order Questions & Answers:

What do I do if I have a question about my order? Contact us via phone at 1.800.945.9736, or e-mail us at orders@polylonrobes.com.

How soon will I receive my package after I place my order? Please allow 3 - 4 weeks delivery time for your order to arrive.

Is sales tax charged for all churches? PolylonRobes does not charge sales tax to any church due to the fact that baptismal robes are considered a part of church work.

Do you ship orders outside the U.S.? Yes, PolylonRobes is currently able to accept and ship orders outside the United States. please call 800-945-9736 for details. &

How much is shipping & handling? PolylonRobes does not charge ANY shipping charges at this time for orders in the USA!

;Payment Questions & Answers: What credit cards does PolylonRobes accept? We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and Diners.

Can I pay by check or money order? We are able to take checks and money orders for any PolylonRobes order. Please contact us at 1.800.945.9736 or fax your order to 972.303.2818.

Return Questions & Answers: What is your return policy? You may return your purchase if you are dissatisfied for any reason. Returns must be made within 30 days of your receipt of your order. Include the original packing slip with your return.

Ship your return to: Polylon Robes, Inc. 
Attn: Returns 
 3314 Bluffview Dr 
Garland, TX 75043

What are your hours of operation? We accept orders 24 hours a day/7 days a week via answering machine. An operator should be available to answer any additional questions that you may have, Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM CST, at 1.800.945.9736.