Privacy Policy

Use and Protection of Guest Information 

PolylonRobes highly values the relationship we have with our guests across the country. As part of our commitment to treat our guests with respect, we adhere to the highest ethical standards in gathering, using and safeguarding guest information entrusted to the company. Our goal is to safeguard personal information while making product and service information available to our guests. Our intent is to offer our guests only opportunities that will interest them, and we believe they will welcome the information we provide. However, we respect some people’s preference to limit their e-mail, mail and telephone calls, and we are happy to honor individual requests to stop receiving e-mail, mail or calls generated from PolylonRobes lists. Guests may e-mail us to indicate their preference. We protect our database from unauthorized access, and the employees who have access to our database are educated in privacy issues and trained to follow procedures that will protect our guests’ personal information. We strive to maintain the accuracy of the information in our database. We only maintain information relevant to help us identify and address guests’ needs and interests, and we make every effort to ensure that the information is used to make products and services available that will be valuable to the guest.